My name is Kevin, and welcome to The Marketing Programmer! This is a blog where I document my journey into the world of coding and programming. As I share my own experiences as a learner, I hope you will also benefit from learning with me and expand your knowledge and love of computer science.

Who Am I?

As you know, my name is Kevin Shan. kevin shan

I started The Marketing Programmer because I am a marketer who wants to learn computer science and get good at programming so I could pursue some of my business ideas.

When I was in high school, my parents were always telling me to pursue a degree or major in computer science. I never really studied computer science seriously until now.

I realized that programming could be a tremendous asset as a businessman. It’s not about whether I can code at the speed of light, but if I understood programming, it would be much easier to work with other experts in the field, opening a whole new area of business opportunities.

Most of my business ideas are apps and software related. It feels terrible if I’m unable to execute on any of my ideas because I’m personally limited in my skills.

A lot of digital marketers and people working in the business field are limited in this way.

We’re brilliant marketers and people who can get people to buy our products, but if we’re unable to make the product in the first place, we can never succeed.

Yes, there’s outsourcing, hiring other people, or using different platforms to create things that are typically done through programming, but that costs money—a lot of it.

I don’t have that money.

I need to be able to program myself, so I can create my own products without being limited by my financials or other people around me.

Plus, I Love Programming And The Related Fields

Yes, I’m a marketer and entrepreneur. I start businesses, I look at the psychology of buying, I write copy, and I’m a salesman. You will find hardly any of these things in a computer scientist.

But I actually liked programming since I was a kid.

I was fascinated by what you could do with programming and technology. All those amazing apps, websites, and software that I can’t live without today were built through programming.

Every time I look at a course or article about programming, my ears perk up, and my eyes start glowing. I just really wanted to jump into those information pods and learn more.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those people who got the hang of programming instantly and never found the time to put my effort into learning seriously. But now I have, and I will.

I’m Helping Myself And Hopefully You Too

Now that you’ve learned a little about me, you will understand that I write this blog so I can help myself learn programming. I’m following one of the effective methods of learning where I learn something and then teach it to solidify my own understanding.

In a gist, I will take courses, read books, and do other things to learn programming, and then I will share that information with you.

It sounds a little selfish, but you can benefit from this too.

I’m effectively your guinea pig. I will go through thousands of gigabytes of information and then give you what I think is the best and most worthwhile for your time.

After reading my blog, hopefully, you will come out as a smarter learner and upgrade your skills in a more efficient way than you have done before.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Kevin Shan